Camilla’s book launch: 12th October

Ahead of World Mental Health Day (10th October), we are delighted to share the news that Camilla’s book Adolescent Mental Health Care and the Law has just been published.

In his review of this book, Alex Ruck Keene comments:

‘Camilla Parker set herself a hugely difficult task in identifying and seeking to make sense of the overlapping, tangled, and frequently incoherent and mutually inconsistent legal frameworks relating to the mental health care of those under 18. It is a task which many have recognised as necessary before, but which has not been done to date, much to the detriment of the interests of the children and young people concerned. All those who work with such clients – importantly, including professionals seeking to discharge their functions in relation to those clients – owe Camilla a debt for taking it on, and doing so well. The result of her work is a tour de force. Not only does it cover everything that you might be going to a book on this subject to find, and does so with sure-footed accuracy and helpful summary route-maps at key points, but with all the best books, it also includes matters that you would not realise that you should be aware of.’ Alex Ruck Keene, Mental Capacity Law and Policy (the full review can be read here).

Details of this book can be found here.

Please join Camilla and the expert panel who will be discussing her book at the launch event on 12 October 2020 (click here to register).