Camilla Parker

Welcome to the website of Just Equality an independent consultancy, established and run by Camilla Parker, which focuses on mental health, social justice and human rights.

Camilla is a legal and policy consultant specialising in the mental health and social care of children, young people and adults.

Through Just Equality, Camilla aims to promote the human rights of individuals of all ages who have mental health needs, disabilities or who may otherwise face barriers to social inclusion. She does so by engaging in three areas of work: 1) undertaking research; 2) delivering training on mental health and related law; and 3) providing consultancy services to support those working to achieve reform in the areas of health and social care, human rights and equality.  


Camilla has undertaken legal research both nationally and internationally in areas connected to mental health, disability and human rights.

Much of Camilla’s current work is focused on promoting a better understanding of the law and human rights of children and young people with mental health needs. This was the subject of Camilla’s doctorate (PhD (Law) Cardiff University, 2017) and the focus of her book, Adolescent Mental Health Care and the Law, (Legal Action Group, 2020 – for further details click here.

Training and Education

With extensive experience of designing and delivering training modules, seminars and workshops to meet the specific training needs and continuing professional education of participants, Camilla provides training on a range of areas, including:

  • Legal aspects of the mental health care of children and young people (including the assessment of competence and capacity, the scope of parental responsibility and deprivation of liberty)
  • The Mental Capacity Act 2005 and its application to young people (including the forthcoming Liberty Protection Safeguards).
  • The application of the Mental Health Act 1983 (including admission to hospital, treatment and care, after-care and community treatment orders).
  • The Human Rights Act 1998 and mental health care.
  • Young people’s transition to adult social care


Drawing upon her legal and human rights knowledge, Camilla provides policy advice and technical support to those engaged in the development, dissemination and implementation of law reform. Such work includes supporting non-governmental organisations in advocating for reform, for example by drafting responses to government consultation documents, drafting amendments to parliamentary bills and briefings to explain their purpose and effect.

Internationally, Camilla has worked with organisations seeking to promote the human rights and social inclusion of disabled people (including people with intellectual (learning) disabilities and those with experience of mental health problems) in Central and Eastern Europe. Since the introduction of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Camilla’s work has focused on highlighting disabled people’s right to community living and the obligations on the European Commission and EU Member States to ensure that EU funds are invested in initiatives that support the transition from institutional care to community living.

Camilla does not undertake individual case work, nor provides legal advice.